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 Cardboard boxes are mostly in trend nowadays. These boxes are sturdy and hard to keep the product safe and protected from any outer damage. However, cardboard is a very durable and sustainable material. Therefore, cardboard is use for almost all types of products. You can pack cosmetics, cereals, noodles, computers, apparel or anything in custom cardboard storage boxes. People use cardboard for the packing of various food items. Cardboard storage boxes have versatility in usage. They are in use for retail purposes as well as for domestic purposes. Similarly, people can use it for shipment purposes to transport fragile products safely. The cosmetic boxes provide high-quality custom cardboard storage boxes. Moreover, the demand for cardboard storage boxes is increasing day by day. As these boxes are helpful at the domestic level, therefore their demand has become higher.

However, there are several types of cardboard and are use for various purposes by people. Simple cardboard is simply a heavy paper that can be molded into the shape of the box.  However, in corrugated cardboard, there are multiple layers of flute and cardboard. But, the most common form of cardboard is a single wall cardboard having only one piece of flute placed between two cardboard pieces. While double-wall cardboard has two layers of flute and triple wall cardboard has three layers of flute between the layers of cardboard.



Durability Of Cardboard Boxes



Cardboard is known for its durability for a long time. It is a strong and resilient material which is not easy to break. Moreover, it is a long-lasting material. The best thing about this material is that it is environment-friendly. Plus, it is recyclable.



Printing Technique To Enhance The Outer Appearance Of The Box



Printing plays an essential role in the look of cardboard storage boxes. Good printing always builds your brand image in the market and the consumer’s eye. Moreover, an exclusively printed box is a creative plan to satisfy more clients. Therefore, printing is the best method to tempt and request more clients towards your item.



The market most likely has two printing systems that have been trending for quite a while. Digital printing is an old strategy and you can accomplish exceptionally simple and fundamental outcomes. This method is affordable without any setup fee. Moreover, it is easily accessible. No printing plates are require in this process which automatically reduces the cost of printing. Furthermore, two printers are used in digital printing. The first one is an inkjet printer and the second one is the xerographic printer.



However, offset printing is a bit expensive but the outcomes are astonishing. You will feel satisfy to see your printed cardboard boxes. Additionally, a master tip is that you should print all the boxes at once so you don't need to pay for a renewal. Offset printing is best for printing of bulk quantity of boxes. In this process, the inked image is transferred from a plate to the printing surface. Furthermore, lithography is also accessible for clients on demand.



Colors In Printing



Moreover, CMYK and PMS color shades are also accessible. Both of these techniques have a similar purpose yet the shading assortment differs. CMYK offers fewer shades of a particular shading while PMS has a tremendous assortment of one shading. However, CMYK is reasonable in price as compare to PMS.  However, you can choose the shades you need and afterward pick the shading plan accordingly. It’s totally up to the customers which colors they want to choose. Every detail is according to the client’s choice.



Coatings Available To Enhance The Look Of Boxes



However, a lot of coatings are available to add a mesmerizing touch to the boxes. Moreover, coating gives a complete finish to the look of boxes. The following are the accessible coatings for customers.



  • Aqueous.


  • Spot UV.


  • Soft-touch.


  • Varnish.


  • High Gloss UV.


Aqueous Coating



This coating is mostly used to protect the box from scuffing. However, this coating is clear, fast-drying water-based coating and gives high protection to your boxes. It deters dirt and fingerprints.



Spot UV Coating



UV coating is expensive as compared to others but offers a lot more in return. It is more durable and comes with a lot of other options. With the help of UV coating, you can easily bring the attention of your customers towards your logo or special offers.






Varnish coating is done on the entire surface. This can be gloss, matte or satin. It makes the surface very smooth and shiny. It is a combination of resin and oil.



Additional Options:       



A lot of options are available in foil. Perforation, die-cut window, PVC window, gluing, foiling in different colors along with various coatings like aqueous, spot UV, lamination, varnish, and soft-touch coating are also obtainable. Moreover, if you want to highlight your text then embossing and debossing are also there for you.



Many companies are now offering all of the above-mentioned services at a very reasonable price. Moreover, you can also visit the website of The Cosmetic boxes to avail of their discount offers along with satisfactory client service.